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Fun Facts - Did You Know?


People and businesses are buying domains at a furious pace:

  • 168M domain names are registered worldwide1.

  • .com dominates with 45% share followed by .net, .org, .biz, .name (excl. country codes)1

  • About 12M - 15M domains names are registered each quarter


It is getting harder to find good domain names:

  • 100% of  two character (eg. .com domain names are taken2

  • 100% of three character (eg. .com domain names are taken2

  • Anyone who has searched for a name can see that  others are going fast.


People are staking claim to their names as domain names

  • 100% of the top 10,000 family names in the US are taken2

  • 100% of the 1200 top male first names are taken2

  • 100% of the 2800 top female names are taken2

  •  Hillary Clinton had to pursue legal action to get

  •  Oprah Winfrey doesn�t own - bet she wishes she did! 



The highest prices ever paid for domain names:

  • $7.5M
  • $5.1M
  • $3.3M
  • $2.9M 
  • $2.2M 
  • $1.8M 
  • $1M 
  • $1M 
  • $1M 
  • $.8M


2008 Presidential Candidates Domain Names and when registered:

source 1/31/2007 C. Dohman, Mimi Search Mktg



Total registered domains worldwide -  .COM dominates


As domain names become more scarce the aftermarket has flourished:


1Verisign Doman Report

2Dennis Forbes - source: Dennis Forbes



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