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Top 10 Reasons Buy A Domain Name


Top Ten


1. It can make a totally cool and unique gift We'll bet that no-one has ever received a gift like this before!  Only available at!  
2. It's getting harder and harder to find available names Finding the domain name you want is getting harder and harder.  Once your name is gone, it's gone.  Don't you think Britney Spears wishes she had  
3. It can be yours forever. You lay claim to your own unique domain name that has meaning to you on a worldwide basis so no-one else can register it.  
4. It could be worth a lot of money some day. Your domain name could be a valuable investment depending on what it is and the potetial demand at the time.  
5. You never have to change emails again People with generic emails like,  
6. You can use any name in front of the @ in an email With generic emails like you are competing with all the other people with your first name to get an email address.  
7. What happens when you get famous? Your own domain name may grow in importance throughout your life - just ask  
8. You can make a statement with your domain name. For example:,,  or,  
9. You reserve your spot on the web for your own website. It's there for you if you want it.  
10 Your domain name can be a great  investment Unique domain names are limited so they can increase in value.  Don't you wish that you owned which sold for $7.5M ?  See "Interview of Frank Schilling, the World Famous Domain Investor"  
11. Your own domain has more credibility with merchants In some cases, generic email addresses like are used by the bad guys to commit credit card fraud.  
  Okay, that's eleven!    


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